Coaching for Conscious Leaders & Change Makers

We Can't Fully Become Ourselves By Ourselves.

You are much more powerful than you know. But anything that's worth your attention is going to be something that’s outside of your comfort zone and your current sense of possibility because it is a higher potential of who you are. To rise, self-actualize, serve, and succeed we need support.
                                                                                   - Dr. Claire Zammit

You are much more powerful than you know. But anything that's worth your attention is going to be something that’s outside of your comfort zone and your current sense of possibility, because it is a higher potential of who you are. To rise, self-actualize, serve, and succeed we need support.
                                            - Dr. Claire Zammit

You don't have to do it alone.

Create your great impact faster by investing in your life's great work. 

Through bespoke 1:1 coaching, I inspire you to ignite your unique genius, connect with your highest vision for the world, and clarify a blueprint for your life's great work. From here, we motivate you into continued action through a mix of mindset & energetics, science & spirituality, to claim your power as Creator and succeed in the creation and impact of your life's great work.

During your complimentary clarity session, we'll explore the gap between where you are and where you'd like to be. If we're a fit, I might invite you into a bespoke coaching program that includes one or a combination of the following: a 1/2 day intensive, a 1-day VIP micro retreat, or private coaching for a 3 or 10-month container. 

Following completion, and for those hungry for more, I offer a group monthly program that dives into mastering the 6 core areas of your life, the 11 laws of the universe and the 5 mental faculties of the mind so you can continue to create new levels of success.

How it works


Excavate the parts of you that comprise your life's experience. Identify and align to your highest vision for the world and clarify your specific role in bringing that vision forward.

Learn to create from your essence qualities, heart-space and creative center vs your mind.  

Leveraging your intuition, design a blueprint for your life's vision.  Clarify the vision in its simplest expression and design a strategy. Architect a laser-focused path forward. 



Identify the paradigms and blindspots holding you back so you can create and live from a new one.  Identify & grow the key skillsets & capacities required for success.

And finally

Integrate the science, nature & spiritual tools (energetics, universal principals & other ancient tools) required to pair with strategy & soul-aligned daily action to call forward your life's great work. 



To make a big impact in your company, its people, the planet or the world and want to lead from your powerful intuition and values while leveraging your genius gifts for the higher good of all.


An existing leadership role or "successful" profession  that's either misaligned with your values and highest vision or isn't allowing you to create the big impact you're called to create.

The gap between your highest vision for your mission-in-action and the current state of things.

Overwhelmed by ...

Your big idea or the many possibilities for deep impact you could create. 

The results


Deeply CONNECT WITH YOUR INTUITION & values for instant clarity on your next steps for the highest good of All.

Learn to manage FEAR, SELF DOUBT and limiting beliefs so you have the confidence to self-actualize.


Self-actualize as a consistently powerful, effective leader and highly-conscious change maker.

Yes, Please

Support & mentorship to architect the most efficient, effective and heart-aligned implementation path forward.


Sarah is LIving aligned with her path

Rachel - LIves in a new reality.

"In 3-months, I was able to clearly identify the path I wanted to pursue and call it into existence."

"Kristie gave me a powerful reality check."

Prior to working with Kristie, I felt my future was foggy. I knew I was moving toward something, but couldn't quite see the path and was nervous I was drifting away from my highest self potential. From our first call, Kristie helped me begin to clear that fog and hone in on what my inner self already knew to be true. It honestly felt like magic as I experienced clarity week over week on where I was moving. I say magic as it did not feel forced or effortful, the homework was exciting to me as I felt its impact in the moment. Never would I have thought in three months time I could so clearly identify the path I want to pursue and call it into existence. I am beyond excited for my work and the bigger picture I am moving toward. Kristie has an amazing gift and is fully embracing it in her work with others!

I was guided to reconnect to the positive, eager, life-loving person that I forgot I was, because I'd forced myself into a generic career path. Life is short, life is beautiful, and life is powerful. It offers so much positive energy to live into and embrace. I realize now that I don't need to wait 10+ years to live my fullest, I can start now.

This could be you....


"Working with Kristie has changed my entire outlook and expanded my understanding of myself, what I'm looking for and why I'm looking for it."

As someone who is very logical and rational and always feels in control of my life, I realized I was also struggling to figure out what direction I was heading and why. In a short time I've already learned so much about myself and feel like I'm on a far more authentic path that will serve me better now and, more importantly, in the future. The program has already made such a difference in just a matter of weeks, and I can't wait to move through the remaining weeks and put together all of the lessons to work for me and my passion and purpose.


Let's Book Your Complimentary Strategy Call 

Ask yourself quietly if this feels right for you. If you feel your heart expand or an impulse of excitement, then this is your moment to say YES. By tomorrow, your current paradigms will have set in to try and talk you out of it...don't let 'em! Your calling awaits.  

Let's Do it!